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Homeless man ‘banned’ from using NHS hospitals where it costs £700 a NIGHT to admit a patient – commentary…


“The elements of extreme capitalism – including winner take all, damn the damage, zero tolerance for those who can’t make you richer, contempt for activities without monetary profit, disrespect for the less fortunate – spread like a virus to our communities, our schools, our police departments, and our foreign policy”. Read more… Brilliant and insightful […]

Just reading on Usenet a lot of comments about bad experiences with Indian call centres. Can’t say that I agree – I’ve got an account with Demon Internet and a bookclub both of which I’ve spoken to over the weekend. All my calls were handled promptly and professionally, something I notice often is how polite […]

Reading this blog on the Times website made me realise just how much hate and dislike there is floating around. It’s no wonder that the world is at war if we are getting so upset about gum chewing and incorrect use of grammar.. It’s a pretty sad reflection on our society if we can’t or […]