Irritation turns to hatred


Reading this blog on the Times website made me realise just how much hate and dislike there is floating around. It’s no wonder that the world is at war if we are getting so upset about gum chewing and incorrect use of grammar.. It’s a pretty sad reflection on our society if we can’t or don’t want to find compassion and empathy for others. Instead of looking at what we have in common it seems that many of us focus upon minor, trivial differences. Instead of talking to others we adopt the approach that we all live on little islands and let petty things turn into dividing issues. Yes for sure there will always be mannerisms and behaviour that someone finds irritating, perhaps instead of bottling it up inside it would help to talk. I read so many comments and just thought: “why don’t you SAY something,” alas some folk prefer to let the irritation and dislike turn to hate. So the next time someone annoys you, drives badly, or does something else to irritate you: instead of letting this tiny irritation build into hatred, tackle it, maybe society will be a happier place. Or maybe not, you might get a negative response, but at least you got whatever it was off your chest instead of letting irritation turn to hatred.


One Response to “Irritation turns to hatred”

  1. 1 Owen

    ..but surely if you do say something and annoy that person, you’re just contributing to the general level of annoyance?

    The most disturbing thing about that blog was the number of people who ranted on about ‘hypocitical enovironmentalists’, and how global warming is a load of rubbish.. But hey it’s a right wing paper.

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