Nicotine Poisoning


This time last year I managed to give up smoking by using patches every day. For one reason or another I gradually started lighting up again towards the end of the year; put it down to stress or lack of self control. Actually I can’t believe how silly I’ve been – I was so pleased to have quit after nearly fifteen years of smoking and I felt good for it. Well I’ve listened to all the usual advice about picking a day to quit, throwing everything away and to be honest that doesn’t work for me. It all seems far too austere, I’d rather just slap a patch on and slowly wean myself off. It’s all very well saying “not going to have another cigarette after Mondayor whatever” but in practice that sounds quite scary and a lot of people just keep putting off the date. I’ve used a lot of excuses, most recently that I didn’t want to upset the balance of medication, since I recently changed onto a lower dose of Clonazepam. Also I was waiting for a stress-free time, whatever that is! I guess the next stress-free time will be when I’m six feet under. As I learnt last year there’s never a perfect time, even though it was extreme to quit whilst I was waiting to be housed. Anyway this time I’ve really had enough – so even if I smoke the odd cigarette this week I’m going to persevere with the patches and gum.No Smoking Circle


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